Facts and Figures

On this page you can find facts and figures about Dutch language literature in Swedish translation.

Dutch Literature in Sweden (2000-)

In the following charts and figures you can find information about the most translated authors, the numer of translated titles, the most important publishers and the most important translators of Dutch language literature in Sweden during the last decades. 

The most translated authors in Sweden

When it comes to the most translated authors from Dutch into Swedish, it is interesting to see that these are all authors of children's literature. The picturebooks about the popular protagonist Nijntje or Miffy (her international name) by Dutch Dick Bruna are classics and have been translated into many languages during the second half of the 20th century. The same holds true for Dutch Max Velthuijs' picturebooks about the character Kikker, named Frog in English. The other most translated authors are contemporary picturebook artist from Flanders, including Linne Bie, Guido Van Genechten and Annemie Berebrouckx. As picturebooks often are produced in series, the amount of titles translated per author tends to be higher here compared to literature for adults.

The most translated titles in Sweden

The Dutch language title with the most translations and editions in Swedish during the last years is "Systrarna i Auschwitz" (original title: "'t Hooge Nest", English title: "The sisters of Auschwitz") written by Roxanne van  Iperen. It was translated into Swedish by Ingrid Wikén Bonde in 2020 and published by Modernista. The Swedish translation of this international bestseller was reprinted in 2021 and also produced as a talking book and a multimedia recording for persons with reading impairments, hence the many editions of this title produced and distributed in Sweden.

Another title with multiple translations is "Anne Franks dagbok", (re)translated and (re)published in Swedish throughout the years in different versions.

Furthermore, there is the picturebook "Du är det finaste" ("Jij bent de liefste"), translated and republished in several editions, which is a collection of short poems and rhymes for children written by Dutch Hans and Monique Hagen. It is translated by famous Swedish children's literature author Barbro Lindgren. The book is illustrated by Marit Törnqvist, a well-known and renowned illustrator in Sweden as she illustrated some of the famous Swedish children's literature author Astrid Lindgren's work. Törnqvist also became known in Sweden because she was the art director for the popular children's attraction Junibacken based on the books by Astrid Lindgren and located in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Another popular picturebook that has been reprinted many times in Swedish translation is "Bara Rumpor" ("Het grote billenboek") by Flemish picturebook artist Guido Van Genechten.

The most important publishers in Sweden

The list of publishers publishing the largest amount of Dutch literature in Swedish translation is dominated by publishers of children's literature. The translated titles published at these publishers are to a large extend picturebooks but also other types of books for children are translated and published by these publishers.

The list is topped by Turbine based in Denmark but also operative in Sweden. Turbine translates mostly picturebooks of which a considerable amount from Flanders.

Berghs and Opal are both quality publishers of children's literature translating and publishing children's literature for all ages. They translate both popular picturebook series but also awarded authorships.

The publisher Ordalagets only translations from Dutch are the well known and popular picture books by Dick Bruna. These books are reprinted frequently, often in coordination and coproduction with Bruna's Dutch publisher Mercis.

Natur och Kultur is a publisher with a broad profile including fiction and non-fiction for adults, academic literature, but also children's literature in translation. 

The most important translators in Sweden

The translator that translated most titles (including new editions of earlier published translations) is Per Holmer. He has translated the work of known and renowned Dutch language authors such as Hugo Claus, Cees Nooteboom, Anna Enquist, Jan Bernlef, Arnon Grunberg, Lulu Wang, Connie Palmen, Adriaan van Dis, Willem Elsschot, Anne Frank, Herman Koch, Monika van Paemel, Louis Paul Boon, Murat Isik, Dola de Jong, Rutger Bregman, Eddy de Wind, Hella Haasse, Louis Couperus, Bart Moeyaert, Annet Schaap en Tip Marugg.

Joakim Sundström had translated fiction and non-fiction works of authors such as Renate Dorrestijn, Hameeda Lakho, Harry Mullisch, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Connie Palmen, Pieter Frans Thomése, Henk Wesseling, Rudolf Dekker, Gerard Reve, Kluun, Lulu Wang, David Van Reybrouck, Frank Westerman, Hendrik Groen, Tommy Wieringa, Stefan Buijsman, Jan Arends, Rutger Bregman, Tonke Dragt, Marja Baseler, Jan Brokken, Tobi Lakmaker en Anna Woltz.

Hanna Semerson has only translated picturebooks for younger children, many of them in series originally published by the Flemish/Belgian publisher Clavis and all published at Turbine forlag. The authors of these books include:  Leo Timmers, Stefan Boonen, Elly vander Linden, Guido Van Genechten, Kathleen Amant, Mylo Freeman, Liesbet Sleegers,  Thierry Robberecht and Pauline Oud.

Margot Henrikson works as a publisher and editor at Ordalaget and she has translated all the picturebooks by Dick Bruna into Swedish.

Even Gun-Britt Sundström works as an editor at Berghs förlag and she has mainly translated the picturebooks by Max Velthuijs (translated from the English versions) but also picturebooks by Dolf Verroen and Annemarie van Haeringen.