Dutch Literature in Translation

The peripheral position of Dutch in the cultural world-system does not mean that there is a lack of translations from that language. Recent decades have seen an increase in interest in Dutch and Flemish literature, especially in some other “small” language cultures, like the Central-European ones. The articles presented here focus more on the discovery of less known but interesting circulation directions whole not forgetting the most important translation routes. Although about a quarter of the translations of literature from Dutch in the past decades were made into German, many other articles show some remarkable success of Dutch literature in Sweden, Romania, and Italy.

This site is a result of research performed by 12 partners of the project Dutch Literature in Translation all over Europe. It combines the presentation of data collected in the Digital Library and Bibliography for Literature in Translation and Adaptation (DLBT) and comprehensible studies on Dutch literature in translation for a wide audience. It is divided into parts referring to the countries or language regions and paragraphs presenting general information on the subject in a specific country, some general figures, and articles on most interesting subjects like translators, important books, important authors etc. from the perspective of the countries where the literature is received.

Transnational context

In addition to topics related to specific languages, we will also be publishing transnational articles, which will present aspects that are important from the perspective of the international circulation of Dutch literature. In the transnational section tab, you can search for articles on the reception of Dutch literature in different language groups on selected topics.



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