The Project

Since 2019, the Digital Library and Bibliography for Literature in Translation and Adaptation (DLBT) is the gateway to both bibliographies of and about literature in translation and also to digitized reception documents on translated literature. With regard to Dutch literature, the DLBT offers a very detailed bibliographic overview of Dutch literature in translation and provides access to a whole series of digitized translations and reception documents. However, the DLBT website does not really offer space for analyses and reflections. The project Dutch Literature in Translation (DLIT) was designed to fill that void.


This site should become the place where both translations from Dutch and commentaries and studies on Dutch literature in translation are collected and presented. The DLIT is intended as a supplement to the information provided by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and Literature Flanders for foreign countries, but from the perspective of both the countries where the literature is received and the experts in the fields where the translations are published. During the project period, the partners worked closely together under the supervision of Advisory board consisting of representatives of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Flanders Literature, Centre of Expertise for Literary Translation, and Prof. Dr. Ton van Kalmthout professor for international exchange of Dutch literature in historical perspective.


The project has been coordinated by prof. Herbert Van Uffelen (University of Vienna) and dr Małgorzata Dowlaszewicz (University of Wrocław).

The goal of the project was:

- To update the DLBT database with (recent) metadata on translations (and reception documents on Dutch literature in translation) in the countries/language areas of the partners.

- To present the Dutch literature in translation in the respective countries/language areas to a broad public

- To create a (core) editorial board for DLIT and DLBT consisting of the partners of this project and experts in the field of Dutch literature in translation from the Dutch language area

DLIT II: Diveristy in the Reception of Dutch Literature

In the follow-up project (financially supported by all partner institutions and the Union for the Dutch Language/Taalunie) we shall focus on the subject of diversity in the international circulation of Dutch literature.

Editorial board

Czech Republic: Wilken Engelbrecht (Palacký University Olomouc)

English speaking countries: Jack Mc Martin (KU Leuven) & Filip De Ceuster (University of Sheffield)

France: Kim Andringa (University of Liège)

German speaking countries: Herbert Van Uffelen (University of Vienna)

Hungary: Orsolya Réthelyi (Eötvös Loránd University)

Italy: Paola Gentile & Dolores Ross (University of Trieste)

Poland: Małgorzata Dowlaszewicz (University of Wrocław)

Romania: Alexa Stoicescu (University of Bucharest)

Serbia: Bojana Budimir (University of Belgrade)

Slovakia: Benjamin Bossaert (Comenius University in Bratislava)

Spanish speaking countries:Goedele De Sterck (University of Salamanca)

Sweden: Annika Johansson & Sara van Meerbergen (Stockholm University)

The project was financially supported by all partner institutions as wel as the Union for the Dutch Language (Taalunie).