"We zijn licht" by Gerda Blees in Belgrade


Readers Exchange Workshop Featuring "We zijn licht" by Gerda Blees in Belgrade

As part of the literary project Readers Exchange, supported by the Creative Europe program, a reading workshop dedicated to the novel "We zijn licht" by the author Gerda Blees was held on Monday, September 25th, at the Krokodil Cultural Center in Belgrade. The workshop was organized by the publisher of the book Treći trg from Belgrade.

Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to be among the first to read the unpublished Serbian translation of the novel, share their impressions in the form of blurbs and brief plot summaries, and engage in a discussion with the translator.

The most outstanding blurbs and plot summaries will earn a coveted place on the translation's cover, set for publication later this year. On this occasion, Belgrade will host the author of the novel, Gerda Blees, who will participate in a series of promotional activities from December 18th to 20th.

(Bojana Budimir)