Dido Michielsen in Serbia


Dido Michielsen visit to Belgrade and Novi Sad

From March 21st to 23rd, the cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad had the honor of hosting the esteemed Dutch author, Dido Michielsen. Her visit was prompted by the promotion of the Serbian translation of her acclaimed novel, Lighter than Me (Lichter dan ik).


The promotion event in Belgrade unfolded on Thursday, March 21, at the cultural center Parobrod. Attendees had the opportunity to delve deeper into the novel's themes through discussions with translator Jelica Novaković-Lopušina, writer Ljubica Arsić, and Dido Michielsen herself.


Translator Jelica Novaković-Lopušina shared her insights into the novel's significance, expressing her motivation to introduce Serbian audiences to a narrative from the perspective of those marginalized in colonial literature. She emphasized the importance of portraying diverse viewpoints, particularly those from the lower rungs of society.


Writer and literary critic Ljubica Arsić underscored the multifaceted nature of the novel, highlighting its exploration of themes such as love, family dynamics, loyalty, and societal shifts from matriarchy to patriarchy. She commended Michielsen's depth of insight and storytelling prowess.


During an interview conducted by Zoran Hamović, director of the publishing house Clio, Dido Michielsen delved into the symbolism behind the novel's title and the extensive research that informed her writing. She also addressed the divergent receptions of her work in the Netherlands and Indonesia, as well as the contemporary status of women in Indonesian society.


The promotion event concluded with a fifteen-minute screening of "Finding Enok," a film by Dutch author Dorna van Rouveroy, which premiered at the Ethnological Film Festival in Belgrade in September last year. The film explores the enduring repercussions of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, offering further insight into the historical context of Michielsen's novel.

(Bojana Budimir) 



Dido Michielsen with her Serbian translator Jelica Novaković-Lopušina

Discussion in Belgrade