Dutch Literature in Serbia

Translation is considered to be a complex activity that is influenced by various factors such as language pair, social, economical, political circumstances, position of an author or entire literature in the global context. Translators with their personal believes, motivation and agendas often play crucial role in the dissemination of literatures around the world. In some cases they are also much more than just a mere translators and represent mediators between two languages. They fulfil varius roles such as editors, publishers, critics, teachers, researchers and many more. The role of the publishers should not be overlooked as well. After all, they are the ones who mainly determine whether or not a book will be translated, who is going to make the translation, and how it will be disseminated in the target culture. International recognition and awards are also an important factor for the spreading of literatures and its authors in the global book market.

In the following clusters we tried to shed some light on those factors and many more when it comes to dissemination of Dutch literature in Serbia.