Dutch Literature in Slovakia

In these clusters you will be introduced to a lesser known reception, caught between larger neighbouring countries and language areas. Here it is shown that reception of translated literature in Slovakia followed its own dynamics with various networks already since the nineteenth century, when on the territory of present-day Slovakia German, Hungarian and Czech were important cultural languages. Nevertheless, also in the genre of popular literature, one Belgian author found his way into translation in Slovakia: Hendrik Conscience. 

After an outline of the reception of the nineteenth century, we move on to the period after 1945 and modern literature after 1993, with one of the most productive translators of Dutch literature abroad, Adam Bžoch. In a case study of translation in Slovakia during the communist period, we discuss an example of translation manipulation using the translation of "De Goden gaan naar huis" by A. den Doolaard, this being the cluster on literature in pandemic times. In addition, overviews of important authors, publishers and translators of Dutch literature into Slovak are presented.