When 'The Discomfort of the Evening' is portrayed in the media, every review of the book begins with the fact that it won the Booker Prize, as well as the author's transgender identity.

In Czechia, female writers have a rather strong position since the end of the nineteenth century. Female features, such as e.g. menstruation, are discussed as late as in the 21st century.

In September 2020 the Hungarian Labrisz Lesbian Association published a volume of 17 tales by 17 contemporary authors. The authors were asked to “retell a classic fairy tale that was important to them...

There are several Polish writers who publish books about the LGBT-issues, both for children, for young adults, and for adult readers, but the majority of books on this subject is translated.

"An unusual, exceptional book. Gloomy, almost apocalyptic, attractive and repulsive at the same time" (Vollmer, 2020)

Only those who renounce this religion can find their way into modernity, says Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The reason for this, she says, is inherent with the values of modernity.